Change yourself. Change in Hamamatsu.
A journey to discover a new self

Hamamatsu Yaramaika TOURISM ロゴ

"Yaramaika" means "Let's try" or "Let's try" in the local dialect.
The ``yaramaika spirit'' of our predecessors, who pioneered the development with conviction, continues to live on in this region today.
Born from this "Yaramaika spirit", there are experiences that can only be found in this area.
YARAMAIKA TOURISM was born out of the desire for people to feel like, ``Something changed within me'' and ``I was able to meet a new version of myself'' when I experienced that ``Yaramaika'' experience.

adventure tourism

A form of travel that combines two or more of the following three elements: ``activity,'' ``nature,'' and ``cross-cultural experience.''

Do you want to do it?

The spirit of boldly taking on new challenges with the mindset of “Let’s try it” and “Let’s give it a try”


Land, climate and nature of this region

The Hamamatsu/Lake Hamana area (hereinafter referred to as the area), located approximately in the center of Tokyo and Osaka, is centered around Lake Hamana, a brackish water lake that is said to support 600 species of life, as well as the Enshu Sea, the mountain forests of the Tenryu area, and the first-class rivers. It is an area rich in tourism resources with rich nature such as the Tenryu River. Blessed with its geographical conditions, warm climate, and abundant water resources such as the Tenryu River, it has grown as a town that has flourished in manufacturing since ancient times.

Manufacturing in this region

Manufacturing in this region began with cotton textiles in the Edo period. Cotton was actively cultivated due to its warm climate with long sunshine hours and abundant water resources such as the Tenryu River, and improvements were made in the process of making cotton textiles. The technology to add this technology was refined.In addition, being located in the middle of Tokyo and Osaka, there was a lot of interaction between people, making it an ideal place for manufacturing. By bringing together craftsmen in an environment, the temperament and soil for manufacturing have been nurtured.

Everything starts when you try it first

The world's leading companies, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawai, were founded here in Hamamatsu. Starting with power looms, we develop and manufacture motorized bicycles, motorcycles, and pianos. Even though everyone around me said it was impossible, I decided to give it a try, and after failing over and over again, I succeeded. This ``Yaramaika spirit,'' a characteristic unique to Enshu, is the root of Hamamatsu's manufacturing industry, and tells us that everything begins from there.

Curiosity and inquisitiveness towards manufacturing

The machines and products developed from the Meiji period to the early Showa period continued to evolve and developed into an industry recognized around the world. Engineers and craftsmen were constantly striving to create higher-quality fabrics, bikes that ran faster, and musical instruments that produced more beautiful sounds. Curiosity and an inquisitive spirit toward manufacturing continue to be passed down to this day, supporting Hamamatsu's manufacturing industry.

The power to continue overcoming difficulties

From the latter half of the Showa era to the Heisei era, small and medium-sized enterprises in all industries faced difficult times due to economic recession and changing needs. Some companies had no choice but to go out of business, but even in difficult circumstances, there are companies and people who continue to create products by preserving and further evolving their technology. This has become a technology that cannot be imitated anywhere else, and it has become a presence that is noticed and needed by the world.